Saturday, December 26, 2009

Some Gifts

Merry Christmas! I hope that everyone had a very wonderful time with their families and friends! I had a great Christmas and was excited to give out some of my handmade gifts. I did about 6 hats on the loom. I also did several scarves, a purse, an Amigurumi Bear and Mistletoe . Here's a few photos.

Bear that I did for my cousin's 3 year old. She loved it and didn't put it down all night!

My Aunt's scarf and her wearing her scarf.

Purse that I did for my Cousin Abby.

Ryan actually picked out the lining. I hand stitched it.

I have patterns if anyone is interested. Or feel free to ask if you have questions!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I love my Mammaw!

The last time I was at Walmart I was looking for Embroidery Floss/Thread so that I could have it when I do crochet projects, etc. I searched forever and then finally asked an employee in the craft section. I was very disappointed when she told me that they do not carry anything that has to do with embroidery so I figured I would have to wait until my next trip to Hobby Lobby.

Yesterday, I was at my Grandparent's house helping to put up a few Christmas decorations. I always show my Mammaw something I have crocheted because she used to crochet all the time when I was little. Anyway, I mentioned embroidery floss and she said, "Oh, I have a little upstairs if you can find it" I about fell over when I opened the tin it was in! LOL It's soo expensive anymore!

Here's what she gave me!